WHAT DO WE DO? - Equaid Research


eQuaid Research's members will actively work to:

- Improve the welfare of people with the advantages given by the equines with their milk.

- Find and review scientific literature to investigate the improvements that this food provides both full.

- Disseminate and publicize the therapeutic properties of mare 's milk.

- Search for new techniques to produce natural milk of the highest quality mare and assuring the quality of life for equines.

- Check and compare information from consumers and patients to make assessments of the benefits provided by the mare 's milk.

- Supporting initiatives and studies related to mare's milk and the medical sector.

- Looking for possible applications of mare 's milk in food, dairy, cosmetics, etc...

- Helping producers find the best way to produce and market the product to get guarantees the highest quality milk and to ensure good performance of the operation.

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