In the mare milk, a part of the amino acids of proteins, there are freely. Below in theoretical amounts shown.


Aspartic acid is an essential amino acid , ie , our organism is capable of synthesizing . It is used in cases of fatigue and / or depression. Helps the immune system and causes an increased production of immunoglobulins and antibodies. Provides protection to the liver by helping the expulsion of ammonia and also provides a good maintenance of the cardiovascular system and nervous system . It is also useful to accelerate the absorption of calcium , magnesium, zinc and potassium.


Threonine is an essential amino acid , it is necessary that we do get our body from the diet. Besides being important for synthesizing other amino acids , it is very important to achieve good growth helping to maintain proper levels of protein in our body. It also helps in various functions of the cardiovascular system, liver , central nervous system and the immune system. As amended , it is important to provide aid in the functions performed by the liver , for example, helps detoxify -lo . It also helps in preventing liver failure and the accumulation of fat . Like other amino acids , facilitates the absorption of other nutrients , but also promotes digestion and prevent digestive problems.


Serine is not an essential amino acid . Has an important role in the catalytic function of several enzymes, eg you can enable or disable it. Part of the protective myelin that covers nerve fibers. Furthermore, it is essential for the proper maintenance of a healthy and helps in the production of immunoglobulins and immune system antibodies . It is a skin moisturizer and necessary for muscle growth.


It is not essential , we can synthesize from other components. This, however , does not mean it has no great significance. It may act as excitatory neurotransmitter and is frequently used to treat personality disorders.


Proline is not part of the group of essential amino acids. It may be of assistance in the treatment of articular diseases. It is essential in the production of collagen and cartilage. It is very important in the development and maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissue , especially in cases of tissue damage . Together with lysine and vitamin C , may help prevent or ameliorate cancer metastasis.


It is an essential amino acid . It may act as a neurotransmitter inhibitor tranquilizer central nervous system . Helps control motor functions of the body and increase the release of growth hormone . Collaborate in getting proper activity of the immune system and is useful for repairing damaged tissues. Studies are being made in which the glycine is thought to be used in the treatment of cancerous tumors and melanomas. It has been shown that a supplement of food prevents glycine in degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.


Alanine is not an essential amino acid . Represents a source of energy for muscles , brain and nervous system . Helps stabilize blood sugar levels and also helps the immune system stimulating antibodies.


This is not one of the essential amino acids , but contains a large sulfur content which is indicated by skin disorders. When deficits can cause psoriasis. Cystine helps in expelling toxins from the liver. Protects against liver and brain uptake of toxins from alcohol or snuff.


Valine is an essential amino acid . It is essential in the healing of injuries and wounds and helps in the formation of muscle tissue. Prevents muscle atrophy and promotes recovery after physical exertion . It helps in proper maintenance of mental health and promotes calm emotions , prevents alterations in behavior. It is important to maintain the correct levels of blood sugar . Is used for liver regeneration to avoid liver and gallbladder lesions.


It is an essential amino acid. It is used in treating liver disease, depression and osteoarthritis. It can help in the treatment of Parkinson. Helps prevent cholesterol buildup, participated in the functions of the spleen , pancreas ye lymphatic system. In addition , improve muscle weakness and promotes the excretion of estrogen.


It is an essential amino acid. As leucine, helps increase the production of growth hormone. Indirectly has a regulatory role in bile secretion and hormonal functions in male and female sex hormones.


Tyrosine is an essential amino acid , is obtained from the hydroxylation of phenylalanine . It is related to the synthesis of various neurotransmitters . It is a precursor of dopamine and adrenaline ( which are related to mood , suppress appetite and help reduce body mass) . It is necessary for the synthesis of melanin (responsible for skin and hair color ) . With iodine formation produces thyroid hormones . So , is involved in thyroid functions , but also the adrenal and pituitary glands.


Phenylalanine is necessary for a good functioning of the central nervous system essential amino acid. It is used to control the symptoms of depression and chronic pain , and disorders related to the malfunction of the central nervous system. Furthermore, it is effective in brain disorders as it is able to cross the blood barrier formed by blood cells. It helps regulate heartbeat and solve problems with skin pigmentation . It is also useful to reduce hunger and symptoms of some neurological diseases . It is important to have a good memory and ability to learn.


It is an essential amino acid which improves the immune function and antibody production . It is essential in child development as it stimulates growth. Gastric function improves and ensures the absorption and distribution of calcium . It can help slow aging in older people . Lysine is known to have great anti-viral properties . Currently used in various treatments, for example in the treatment of cold sores or recovering surgery patients.


Histidine is also an essential amino acid . Is required for the production of red and white cells in the blood , improves the immune response. Helps combat the negative effects of rheumatoid arthritis, in detoxification of heavy metals ( mercury, lead , arsenic ... ) and even avoid vomiting during pregnancy. It also protects the body from radiation damage and lowers blood pressure.


It is an essential amino acid . Involved in the production of muscle energy and enhances the activity of the thymus gland and T lymphocytes improves wound healing and protects and detoxifies the liver. It also helps in cases of female infertility and male and alleviates diseases caused by continuous and strong muscle contractions. Combat hair loss is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and prevent . It is used as a preventative for heart attacks and improves blood circulation . Arginine also regulates hormones and blood sugar levels.



Fats or lipids are the major source of energy in the body . They also play an important role to store water for our body when the role requires . There are a number of foods containing lipids, so it is not difficult to acquire the minimum daily levels , but otherwise , it's easier surpass .

The mare's milk , as we see in the table , has no fat excessively large value and this is favorable to maintain a diet adequate lipid value . Theoretical amounts shown below:


Significantly, the mare's milk contains little fat and some of these are polyunsaturated Omega -3 and Omega -6 type .

Lactose is the sugar in milk at a higher rate . As can be seen , the values ​​of lactose mare milk compared to human milk are quite close . Lactose consists of galactose and glucose , and in some cases this may present problems of intolerance . This is due to a lack or deficiency of lactase in the small intestine and for this reason may have difficulty digesting milk.

Raw mare 's milk contains bacteria producing the enzyme lactase. Lactase break the chain of milk assimilated lactose and thus the resulting sugars are assimilated into energy.


Mare milk has a greater amount of total protein in human milk. Detailed are whey proteins, which represent more significatius advantages. The following table shows the notional amounts of each are listed.


This protein is not present in human milk. It has antimicrobial and antiviral qualities. It is able to inhibit pathogens in the gastrointestinal system, to promote the immune response of the organism and regulate cell growth ( Schanbacher et al. 1997 ). Furthermore, the β -lactoglobulin is the ability to transport minerals across the intestinal wall, thus facilitating absorption. It also facilitates the absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as retinol (vitamin A) ( Apaza et al. , 2011 ).


The serum α-lactalbumin protein has many different functions beneficial to our health. In reference to minerals, this protein helps in proper absorption of them , especially calcium ( Apaza et al. , 2011 ). Because of the high content of branched amino acids in the protein , it is used to reduce muscle tissue damage caused by exercise or anoxic conditions ( Tsuda , 2002). It is bactericidal, and also helps to digest lactose. Another quality he has is that it is a source of essential amino acids such as tryptophan which acts precursor of serotonin ( neurotransmitter) and from this melatonin is synthesized, pro acting biological clock ( night and day), in insomnia, ADHD, Alzheimer's, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis and epilepsy. Melatonin is also used for the treatment of cancer (breast, brain, lung, prostate, head, neck and gastrointestinal ) as well as the side effects caused by the chemotherapy. The Cliveland Ohayo ( USA ) Clinic is developing a vaccine against breast cancer from the α-lactalbumin protein is inducing apoptosis of tumor cells.


This protein is responsible for transporting substances such as fatty acids, amino acids, steroids, metals ( such as calcium) and various drugs via the bloodstream. These components will be transported to the organs where they are needed.


These molecules are very important to defend the body by identifying and neutralizing foreign agents. Its proper functioning is essential for defending the body against various pathogens.
Mainly there are three different types of immunoglobulins ( there are five in total) in mare's milk. These are IgG, IgA, and IgM.
Immunoglobulin G is the only one that has the ability to cross biological membranes. It is also important to say that when it comes to produce a secondary immune response, most immunoglobulins are of this type.
Immunoglobulin A can be secreted by the mucous membranes and exocrine glands, making your most important action on the mucosal surfaces and body fluids ( such as cerebrospinal fluid, bronchial secretions, tears, saliva, etc ...). Thus this type of immunoglobulin has the ability to protect the most vulnerable points of the body: eyes, mouth, digestive system, respiratory system, vagina, etc ...
Finally, the immunoglobulin M is responsible for developing an advocacy role in the intravascular space, this type is formed more quickly to a primary response.
Thus it can be seen to have reinforcement day defenses can be beneficial to the body since it can act more effectively against pathogens.


This protein has antimicrobial capacity, quality very useful for protection of our body. Provides protection against pathogenic bacteria that colonize or invade the mucosa. Is used as a preventative for pediatric intestinal infections. Lactoferrin is also used as a natural antibiotic and lysozyme (which will be discussed below) or as antibiotics that are effective against bacteria that have developed resistance to several different antibiotics ( Drago, 2006). Lactoferrin also has the ability to bind iron and transport in the bloodstream. One of its main functions is the transport of metals. Furthermore, as stated above, has an antimicrobial activity against gram- positive acting and gram negative bacteria, but also against some viruses and fungi. This capability can have several defense mechanisms, one is binding iron pathogens and thus to destroy and win the iron ( Rodríguez-Franco et al. , 2005 ) .
As a result, lactoferrin has a modulatory role of the immune response. Stimulates or inhibits various hormonal and cellular components involved in the prevention and/or resolution of infections and inflammation associated with these ( Drago- Serrano et al. 2008 ).
We must also say that apart from having antimicrobial activity, this protein also has other capabilities as immunoregulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer ( Öztaş et al. 2000).
It is for all these features that lactoferrin is indicated for patients with anemia (ability to obtain and transport of iron ), but also for everyone in general, since it allows a reinforcement of useful defenses against certain pathogens.


The lysozyme facilitates digestion of casein, free sugars in the intestine that growth factors are essential for some bacteria in our intestinal flora and has bacteriostatic activity against numerous bacterial species ( Alais , 2003).
This protein has antibiotic activity. Acts on some bacteria and dissolved by removal of the polysaccharide component of their cell walls ( Garg , 2010 ). In addition, it also has ( Shellhorn et al.1995 ) anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that it has these properties and is present in saliva, helps destroy bacteria that may come along with food and thus an area easily accessible to pathogens is protected.
Plays an important role in the regulation of cancer. The lysozyme is an antioxidant that acts as a regulator or "brake" in DNA replication (such as cell division control ). A signal that will reach the p53 gene is a tumor suppressor is sent. Thus, this gene is activated and will hold its antioncogènica or tumor suppressor action. If no lysozyme could activate DNA replication of cancer cells and growth factors for these cells. When this happens, this lack of lysozyme can cause tumors ( malignant or benign ) ( Lake et al. 2012 ).
The presence of lysozyme in the mare's milk is very beneficial to us because it protects us against various infectious diseases, but also of non-communicable diseases. Is so high the importance of this enzyme even in China is carrying out a project for lysozyme-rich milk from transgenic cows, genetically modified (Yang et al. , 2011 ).
Lysozyme is also presently used as protection in processed food such as cheese.



Below the table of quantities of each of the minerals contained mare's milk compared with human milk sample. These values ​​are theoretical values ​​. 


Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our body. It is essential for good maintenance of both the bones and teeth , but also is required by our metabolism. This mineral acts as a second messenger , and therefore is useful for transmitting information and to perform a pathway signal transduction ( Alberts , 2008 ) . Furthermore, it is also involved in the regulation of certain enzymes (such as kinases ) . Having a diet that meets the requirements of calcium in our body can prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer (Hernández et al. 1999). Calcium is absorbed in the duodenum and throughout the intestinal tract . For calcium to be assimilated to the extent possible , it is good to be accompanied by vitamin D as this will act as hormone and thus calcium uptake is increased . In addition to vitamin D , both lactose estrogen can provide better absorption in our body. All these components are present in the mare's milk , therefore , calcium is accompanied by the necessary components to help our body to absorb as much calcium as possible.


Phosphorus ( to a lesser extent ) in our body acts with calcium to build bones and teeth. This , like the previous mineral , the benefits of vitamin D present to obtain a good absorption . At the time that the body does not get enough phosphorus, may appear to the central nervous system problems (from symptoms of encephalopathy and irritability to coma ) , the peripheral nervous system (generalized muscle weakness with respiratory failure ) and muscles. The most important functions of this element are: is present in almost all physico- chemical reactions in the metabolism of fats, helps relieve pain caused by arthritis , it is necessary to ensure proper functioning of the kidneys, is essential to properly assimilate vitamins B2 and B3 , stimulates muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses and is also an important component of cell division and reproduction . Eating foods with phosphorus can also improve memory.


Magnesium is an essential nutrient that plays a central role in our body . Participates as a functional element in processes of energy supply and is required for the activation of over 300 enzymes. Because of its great importance in the body, its deficit causes numerous metabolic changes in the body ( Steinmetz et al. 2000). Currently magnesium can be used as an antidepressant ( is present in nerve transmission , it provides energy to neurons and is a muscle relaxant ) . Promotes sleep and relaxation. It also controls the intestinal flora and protects against cardiovascular disease. It is used to treat intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel disease ( Lajusticia - Bergasa , 2001). A lack of this mineral can cause many problems (such as irritability and emotional instability ) and lead to disease. It also helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue when playing sports. It is for these characteristics is considered that their presence in the mare's milk is beneficial.


Consumed all the potassium , 80-90% is excreted , since the kidneys absorb only when necessary. Although a small percentage is absorbed, our body usually has no shortage of this mineral ( Amatrian , 2000). The presence of potassium in the mare's milk is enabling us to maintain a healthy body .


Sodium has a largely paper together with potassium. Together they control the acidity or alkalinity of our body, and the entrance and exit of many other substances that are digested by the body to nearby parts of the skin , substances that help in movement , breathing, eating , and even aging think. The percentage of sodium required is considerably lower than that of potassium ( Amatrian , 2000 ).


The copper contributes to the formation of red blood cells in the maintenance of blood vessels , nerves , bones , and immune system . That's why it is important to have a diet where the presence of copper exist, although small amounts are needed.


Zinc is an essential nutrient for life . Part of many enzymes in the human body and can have a catalytic role , structural or regulatory . The gut plays an important role in controlling the homeostasis of the zinc , thus controlling its absorption and excretion ( Lopez , 2010 ) . This mineral is also useful if a disease that causes malabsorption such as celiac disease , Crohn's disease , ulcerative colitis suffers ...


The mare's milk provides a varied amount of the following types of vitamins. Then the theoretical amounts of vitamins in mare's milk compared with those found in human milk is.


Retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the retina do do the functions. It is necessary for the growth of epithelial tissue and bone. It is also required in reproduction, embryo development and lactation. Besides, increase the immune function. Contributes to the health of the skin.


The B group vitamins are water soluble. Thiamine has the ability to enhance mental activity and learning. Helps keep eyes in good condition along with vitamin A and is effective against dizziness. Involved in the treatment of alcoholism, depression, beriberi and polyneuritis, multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis. Furthermore, it is required to effectively absorb glucose as fuel in the nervous system. Is one of the substances that our body needs to convert carbohydrates into energy.


This vitamin has a function that is closely linked to vitamin B1 , riboflavin is involved in the transformation of food into energy. Improves vision, especially the elderly, and also in a good state of nervous system cells. It also participates in the growth and reproduction. Vitamin B2 regulates the growth of red blood cells and helps maintain a strong inmuntario system. It also helps the hair, skin and nails have good health.


Niacin has several important properties for the proper functioning of our body. Helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, stabilize blood sugar, promotes circulation and helps reduce blood pressure. It is useful in cardiac disorders, intervenes in the treatment of insomnia and mental disorders and cancer treatments. Prevents and improves migraines, helps reduce the symptoms of vertigo and keeps the tissues and mucous membranes of the digestive system in good condition. In addition, vitamin B3 also has an important role in the production of energy for the organism. It is essential for the synthesis of sex hormones and is involved in the preparation of cortisone, insulin and tyrosine. It must be said that to carry out all these functions is important that vitamin B3 is reinforced by other vitamins of the same complex as the B2.


Pantothenic acid is required for the formation of antibodies, is also important because it minimizes the toxic effect of some antibiotics and helps heal wounds. Helps combat the negative effects of drugs such as the fatigue or tiredness. Involved in the synthesis of stress hormones (such as adrenaline ) and also in the formation of insulin. Helps reduce symptoms of arthritis, migraine, and it also helps lower blood cholesterol levels. It is important to convert fats and sugars into energy for the synthesis of iron and for the normalization of the digestive process. It is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety or depression.


Vitamin C is water soluble and is associated with many features and benefits for our body. Ascorbic acid accelerates the healing of wounds and bone fractures, helps to prevent or improve skin conditions and is essential for the synthesis or production of hormones and neurotransmitters. It is an antioxidant, that already brings many advantages (some similar to lysozyme, which are too). Helps fight viral and bacterial diseases and can also help prevent the formation of carcinogens. It can contribute to the improvement of the immune system. Combat stress, protects the circulatory system and lowers blood pressure levels, helps reduce cholesterol and improve constipation. In addition, it is important when it comes to detoxify the body of heavy metals, in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism and in people with Parkinson's. We should also mention that reduces complications of type II diabetes and increases estrogen production during menopause. Helps maintain healthy collagen in the skin, repair damaged tissue and promote healthy teeth and bones. 


The calciferol is very important to ensure proper use and maintenance of adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus fat soluble vitamin. It also promotes blood clotting, is involved in processes of many hormones, strengthens the immune system helping to prevent infections and keeps the nervous system in good condition. Also has an important role in the development and maintenance of teeth, bones and cartilage, both children and adults.


Tocopherol is fat soluble. It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, as it helps to fight cholesterol and triglycerides. It also prevents the formation of clots and extension, and therefore the strokes. Promotes normal growth and normal muscle development, you can even increase muscle strength and improve the ability of the tissues to use oxygen. As the immune system, this also has some functions determined to regulate the binding of platelets and increase the immunological response, such as stimulating the erythrocytes to acquire more resistance. Also helps fight PMS symptoms, stress, fatigue, degenerative disease, Parkinson 's disease, Crohn... Provides protection against anemia and is helpful in healing, vision, fertility and reproductive system. Also worth mentioning is a detoxifying agent and protects against environmental pollutants. It may be helpful in preventing cancer, and also enhances the action of selenium treatments for this disease. 


Vitamin K is fat soluble and provides a good liver function, promotes bone formation of our body. Studies suggest that vitamin K helps to increase bone density and prevent fractures in people with osteoporosis. It is also necessary for proper calcium absorption and helps reduce excessive menstrual flow. The fitamenadiona is necessary for blood to clot, for example regulates prothrombin factors which prevent uncontrolled bleeding or bleeding throughout the body. Besides, it also helps to strengthen the capillaries.