FATS AND LACTOSE - Equaid Research



Fats or lipids are the major source of energy in the body . They also play an important role to store water for our body when the role requires . There are a number of foods containing lipids, so it is not difficult to acquire the minimum daily levels , but otherwise , it's easier surpass .

The mare's milk , as we see in the table , has no fat excessively large value and this is favorable to maintain a diet adequate lipid value . Theoretical amounts shown below:


Significantly, the mare's milk contains little fat and some of these are polyunsaturated Omega -3 and Omega -6 type .

Lactose is the sugar in milk at a higher rate . As can be seen , the values ​​of lactose mare milk compared to human milk are quite close . Lactose consists of galactose and glucose , and in some cases this may present problems of intolerance . This is due to a lack or deficiency of lactase in the small intestine and for this reason may have difficulty digesting milk.

Raw mare 's milk contains bacteria producing the enzyme lactase. Lactase break the chain of milk assimilated lactose and thus the resulting sugars are assimilated into energy.