DERMATOLOGY - Equaid Research


People with skin conditions that have proven mare's milk have seen improved their skin problems, so this milk can play an important role in dermatology.

Although no one knows exactly the mechanism and the reason for this improvement has been seen that a small daily dose of mare's milk and cosmetic products made ​​from mare's milk, cases of psoriasis, atopic skin, eczema, etc . notice a clear improvement.

It seems that some of the benefits seen in cases of atopic dermatitis may be due to the regulatory effect of bacterial flora that is mare's milk.

In cases of psoriasis has been seen after a milk consumption continued virulence of disease outbreaks as well as the beginning of the outbreak affected area is reduced. It must be said, however, that is not a definite cure.

Mare's milk has several components that can be related to the quality that has to keep skin healthy. It comprises most of amino acids, as free as in proteins, of which we can highlight the serine which is a moisturizing skin and cystine which has a large sulfur content is suitable for skin disorders.

Also of note is that the mare's milk contains a good amount of vitamins that help the functioning of our body. To continue the present case, we must stress vitamin A or retinol which helps in skin health and Vitamin C or ascorbic acid to help prevent or improve skin conditions. Helps maintain healthy collagen in the skin and repair damaged tissue.