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We are yet to demonstrate through clinical studies the qualities and benefits of mare 's milk in this field, but through observational studies have shown that aid can be very important for the recovery phase after of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reducing the side effects of these treatments as aggressive, yet necessary.

Side effects of chemotherapy include, among others, nausea, lack of appetite and a drop defenses. It's about these side effects may intervene mare 's milk.

  1. The mare 's milk induces the synthesis of serotonin due to its content of tryptophan and tyrosine , helps improve mood and help patients regain appetite.
  2. The regeneration of the intestinal microbiota, improving traffic regulation and thus helps in reducing digestive discomfort and nausea.
  3. The high content of lysozyme, lactoferrin, IgA and bioactive peptides make the mare 's milk is of great help in strengthening the defenses.

The mare 's milk can have benefits in cancer treatment because of the interesting components. We must also pay attention to serum proteins.

The lactoferrin is a protein or lactotransferrina immunoregulatory , anti-inflammatory , antioxidant and anticancer ( Öztas et al. 2000).

That melatonin is synthesized from the essential amino acids of the protein α-lactalbumin as tryptophan, used to treat cancer ( brain, lung, gastrointestinal, etc.). Well as the side effects caused by chemotherapy. Clinic Cliveland of Ohayo (USA ) is developing a vaccine against breast cancer from the protein α-lactalbumin which is inducing apoptosis of cells tumorals.1

Lysozyme plays an important role in the regulation of cancer. It is an antioxidant that acts as a regulator or " brake " in DNA replication ( as control cells ). It sends a signal that reaches the TP53 gene which is transcribed in the protein p53 is a tumor suppressor. Thus, this gene is activated and performs the action antioncogènica or tumor suppression. ( Laguna et al. 2012)

In addition to these proteins described also include the vitamin C and E which are antioxidants such as lysozyme . Vitamin E enhances the action of selenium treatments to fight cancer .

We should mention the important role it can play probiotic bacterial composition of mare 's milk for their content of bacteria and Bifidobacterium group Faecalobacterium . These are bacteria that degrade hexoses , pentoses and alcohols to acetate , propionate and butyrate ( AGCC ) ( short chain fatty acids ) . Butyrate , also described in the current literature for its anticancer ability . Although unknown depth mechanisms of action , it is known that butyrate inhibits colon tumor cells , and instead stimulates the growth of its epithelial cells .

Note that in tumors of origin in which hormonal treatments hormonal suppression is being done , mare 's milk has a small amount of conjugated estrogens due to pregnancy while nursing foal future of young colt .