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The mare's milk can help us to improve certain digestive problems arising from the destabilization of the intestinal bacterial flora. The mare's milk can act as a prebiotic giving the desirable bacterial flora food it needs to develop properly. At the same time , the combination of lysozyme and lactoferrin limit the growth of undesirable bacterial flora and promote the growth of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. It can also act as a probiotic providing an ideal environment for beneficial bacterial flora that grow optimally in the body.

However, the anti-inflammatory effect of some of the bioactive peptides derived from the digestion of proteins of mare milk also play an important role in relieving the intestinal inflammation associated with various digestive pathologies paper . And the possible regulatory effect of chemotaxis and oxidative burst responsible for inflammation by lysozyme and omega- 3 fatty acids that we find evidence in Foekel et al. ( 2009 ).