PSORIASIS - Equaid Research


Several countries have advised drinking mare's milk in cases of psoriasis. Here , different patients have experienced improvements but by no means is a definitive solution.

From the experience of patients who have taken and take mare's milk to treat their psoriasis problems more often know what the improvements are experienced . Many consumers agree that after a period of approximately two months of drinking mare's milk continuously virulence of disease outbreaks as well as the beginning of the outbreak affected area is reduced . Also explain also agree that new plates are less spread before starting to subside. Many also agree that applying cream based mare's milk helps to reduce the itching and drought -affected areas of psoriasis , while helping them to heal wounds faster.

There is still a lot of research on this subject, but it is believed that the beneficial effects of drinking mare's milk in these cases may be due to improved intestinal flora and immune system regulation , as well as aid in the control stress .

Highlight , but there is a minority percentage of people who have proven them and has not had improvements in disease.